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A new year calls for a new blog! This is about the time I started agility training with Shiloh. So, it’s kinda like a new agility season. XP I’m leaving this blog up so I can go back and look at everything I wrote, I’ll just be posting on my new blog now. ;D


New Blog


Wed. instead of going to the dog park, we took Shiloh to Lowes and then Petsmart. She was heeling in Petsmart!!!! ;D

Friday was the doggie dash, then later that day our homeschool party. I forgot my camera so Laura, my awesome neighboor who took me, took a picture on her phone. Shiloh did great on the walk! Because she had her costume on, I couldn’t use her harness, so she had to walk with her collar on. She did great!

Saturday was the Halloween thing at the Nauture center. I was a crazy cat lady. Alec won the costume contest! He was pumpkin head again. Instead of doing face painting, I did tattos. It is sooo much easier.

Today nothing happens. Mikey was suppose to go to a meet and greet, but she isn’t anymore. : ( I wish I practiced more with Shiloh. I didn’t get much done this weekend with her. : (

I found this Border Collie on Petfinder I really want to adopt!! I just need to know his age. : | I hope he isn’t old. He needs a job, so he will probably rock at agility!

Susan and dad are sleeping, and i have no clue where jacob or alec are. The house is quiet and I’m bored to death. I should be out with Shiloh right now, but I just don’t feel like it. We need a Border Collie to make things interesting!

Dog Park! ;D

We will be leaving for the dog park around 430ish. Shiloh needs to play with some other dogs, then we can practice there too! I found the camera, so I’ll be taking some pictures.

I finally uploaded some more videos to Shiloh’s trick page. They are not the best quality, and Chuck was distracting her, but I just wanted to get it done.

Nothing much is happening. It looks like it’s going to rain outside and it is pretty chilly out there. I only have 1 jacket that fits me now. (My skellanimal one) I need some new winter cloths!

Susan, Jacob, and Alec just got back from the nature center. Alec’s probably going to yell at me for using his laptop so bYE!

We were supposed to have classes last Wednesday. T.T We didn’t miss too much though.Yesterday we worked on 2×2, the wobble board, and recall. We couldn’t do the teeter because I have to be able to pick her up. We never picked Shiloh up before….

So, we have to practice 2×2, recall, nose touch, and picking her up.

At classes, Shiloh got very strange towards the end. She didn’t want any treats. She wasn’t scared or shy, but she defiantly didn’t seem like her normal self. She got better right before we left. I still have no clue what happened.

I really want to go to the dog park! Shiloh needs to play with some other dogs, and I can practice in the little dog section. There are pretty much never little dogs over there. Which stinks, because Mikey really needs to play with some dogs her size.

This Saturday my neighbor is going to take me to the shelter fundraiser. 🙂

I lost the camera again. I thought I’d add that. It seems like I always loose it when I really need it.

Shiloh is close to being able to become a Dog Scout and CGC! I want to get Mikey a trick title. She need to know 15 tricks, and that should be easy for her.

Arthur and Gwenevere

Jacob and Alec got their rats yesterday. I thought of the names, but if Alec finds that out, he will change his rat’s name. (He says I get to name all of the animals, and he gets all jelous.) I thought of Gwenevere (Gwen) for Jacob’s rat, and Arthur for Alec’s rat. We’ve been watching Merlin a lot, and I thought she looked like a Gwen.

Alec just wants them to be pets. He wanted two girls. He got a boy and a girl though. Jacob wants to breed to create the smartest rat on Earth and call it the Pendragon. If we did that, we would chart it all out and make it sciency. All of the babies would have names from Camelot. :p



I had Shiloh walk around with her costume on. She looks sooo awesome! I took a picture, but it’s on Susan’s phone. 😐

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!!!

October is adopt a shelter dog month. I keep meaning to make a video of her. (Mikey) I guess I’ll make one after I finish this post.

I was on the beagle rescue site, and I noticed there are some new pictures if Wobbles!! Wobbles is just adorable! I’m surprised he hasn’t been adopted yet!

On the 22nd, there is this fundraiser for a local rescue, but, I have to volunteer for a Halloween thing later that day. I thought it would be cool to bring Shiloh with her costume since there is a costume contest. I have a few dollars saved up for the event, but not as much as I got 2 years ago. I collected 30 dollars!! I only have about 5 dollars now. I was hoping I could sell some of my homemade dog treats and save the money I get from that for the Fundraiser. I might go, but I’m not so sure anymore.

There were no agility classes Monday. I feel like we were suppose to have gone yesterday….. I just hope we weren’t suppose to be there because I really don’t want to miss a class.

No one will hold the camera for me. 😡 I lost the little stand I normally use too. I’ll ask Susan again but I think she’s sleeping right now.

The other post has so many typos because the iPad is evil.


I’ve been getting bad again. I got them last winter, and now this fall. Then cause is sugar.

I get addicted to candy canes, so that explains my bad dreams from last year. Susan bought a whole bunch of Pixy Stixs online, and I’ve been eating wayy too many of them. I keep telling to her to hide all of the candy, but she keeps forgetting.

My dreams are just weird. One of the dreams I remember had Green Day, Lord of the rings, and these mud monsters. I’ve figured out that I was listening to Green Day while reading LOTR right before I went to bed. We watched some movie or t.v show with these mud monster things it. All of that before bed combined with sugar gave me my bad dreams.

I had a freaky dream last night, and I’m probably going to have another one tonight too. D:

I’ve been practicing with Shiloh when I getbthe chance.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot this! My friend got a job breaking 2 mini ponies! One was named Molly. :p I went with her to watch, and I got us a babysitting job. I was pretty proud of myself! I’m red cross certified, and I didn’t forget to tell them that. :p

I gotta go now! I am on susans iPad and it is really annoying to type on. I just thought I’d write a post beforenbed.

2nd Agility Class Session

Before I went to agility classes, I brought Mikey to park day. She is getting much better around people. I had my camera, but I didn’t think about taking any pictures. >:F

At classes, we worked on the wobble board, ladder, and jump. My homework is to have Shiloh practice jumping correctly, keep working on the nose touch, and to get her to sit until I release her.

I’m just about to go out right now and work on the sit and nose touch. I might go by the firepit and do jump practice there. I’m going to record myself so I can see what I’m doing wrong.

Oh yeah, I have a riding lesson today too!! I get to choose who I can ride as long as they are not being used. I want either Patches or Desiree. I’ll make sure I take pictures. ;D

Our family is Doctor Who crazy! Alec decided to dress up as the 10th Doctor. (Our favorite)



Shiloh has her first Halloween costume ready. It is a saddle with this little cowboy dude on it. She’s going to be a pony! It is perfect for Halloween, and she can wear it for other events too. I also know what I’m going to be for Halloween now! A crazy cat lady! o.e

We are having our homeschool group’s Halloween party at our house. I need a costume for that too. I thought our family should be the Adams family, but Jacob and Alec are dumb and don’t like the idea. It would be AWESOME because it is our house and yard would be all spooky and we would be hosting a creepy party.

Today we went to the library then to feed store and Publix. I did most of my nose touch training in the parking lot. She was SUPER!! I’m still working with getting her used to the crate. I hope she gets the nose touch down by Monday.

I felt like posting this today. I didn’t feel like waiting until tomorrow. :p Tomorrow I’m volunteering and there might be drill team practice afterwords. We got the pattern set up Thursday, so all we have to do it practice!

Good night internet world!

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